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S Award

The Service Award is the most distinguished honor that the school bestows on a student at North Sanpete High School. It is given to the top 15 students in the senior class in recognition for the service they have given to the school throughout their four years at NS.

Students earn points for a variety of activities, including leadership, music, sports, and other services that students provide for the school. The total number of points possible is listed at the website below, but advisors for each activity determine how many points students actually earned. 

S Award Winners for 2015-16

Front: Amy Staker, Jennette Larsen, Jessica Farnsworth, Larissa Beck, and Gabriela Reyes.

Middle: Breanne Shelley, Hannah Talbot, Danielle Seely, Jacob Hadley, and Kallie Anderson

Back: Taylor Lee, Simon Quinn, Spencer Applegarth, and Trey Sorensen

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