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Sterling Scholar


North Sanpete has been a part of the Sterling Scholar program since 1973. The program, which is sponsored by the Deseret News, recognizes students who have achieved excellence in their schools in a variety of subject areas, including the following:

  • Agricultural Science

  • Business and Marketing

  • Computer and Information Technology

  • Dance

  • English and Literature

  • Family and Consumer Sciences

  • General

  • Math

  • Music

  • Science

  • Social Science

  • Speech and Drama

  • Trade and Technical Education

  • Visual Art

  • World Languages

Students who are considering becoming Sterling Scholars should start early in their high school career to prepare for the competition. There are three major things that judges look for in choosing Sterling Scholars:

  1. Service in the category

  2. Leadership experiences

  3. Involvement in the category

Speak with teachers in the subject area(s) you are interested in to find activities to get involved in to help you prepare.

If you have any questions, please email

Sterling Scholars for 2018-19

Back Row: Coldir Cox, Crystal Everitt, Abigail Clawson, Kaleb Cox, Lucy Quinn, Hayes Bailey, Carli Johansen.

Middle Row: Brynne Lamb, Mariah Ashworth, Savanna Willden, Victoria Church, Ellie Anderson.

Front Row: Lucy Anderson, Carlee Nuttall, Marley Booher.




Sterling Scholars for 2017-18

Back Row: Tyler Blackham, Emily Barker, Trevor Ence, Emily Hill, Makade Talbot, Madisyn Allred

Middle Row: Kailee Burgess, Thomas De Groff, Anna Staker, Mason Mayo, Christian Sanchez

Front Row: Hannah Ostraff, Wesley Madsen, Allyssa Ericksen, Trevor Olson




Sterling Scholars for 2016-17

Back Row: Bodee Burr, Gavin Cox, Jennifer Boekweg, Jace McGough, Melanie Beck, Ethan Ostraff

Middle Row: Makenzy Palmer, Dustin Angerhofer, Lydia Madsen, Benjamin Palmer, Nicole Day​

Front Row: Mayra Patino, Avery Briggs, Abraham Bunting, Seth Swapp.




Sterling Scholars for 2015-16

Back Row: Abinadi Swapp, Computer Information; Amy Staker, Social Science; Taylor Lee, Visual Arts; Larissa Beck, Dance.

Middle Row: Megan Brotherson, Math; Natalee Walker, English and Literature; Jessica Farnsworth, Music; Jennette Larsen, Science; Landon Beebe, Trade and Tech Ed.

Front Row: Harlee Tucker, General; Hannah Talbot, Speech and Drama; Savannah Larson, FACS; Kallie Anderson, Business and Marketing; Gabriela Reyes, World Languages.

Sterling Scholar Historical Winners

Below is a list of all Sterling Scholar winners and runners up at the regional competition.

Historical Winners
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